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BAN XIA HOU PO WAN (Pinella & Magnolia Combo)

BAN XIA HOU PO WAN (Pinella & Magnolia Combo)

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This is a classical formula for “Plum Pit Throat.” The feeling of something stuck in the throat that cannot be coughed up, spit up, or otherwise dislodged. It’s a very odd feeling.  In severe cases, there may be a cough or vomiting. “Plum Pit Throat” happens as a result of emotional stress.


  • Phlegm Stuck in the Throat
  • Plum pit throat
  • Cough/vomiting w/ phlegm
  • Bronchitis


Er Chen Wan - for Cough w/ copious clear or white phlegm


Contraindication: Not for use w/ green or yellow phlegm. Use 'QIng Qi Hua Tan Wan' instead.

DOSAGE: Follow the instructions on the bottle. You can increase the dosage by 50% for quicker results.

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