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Golden Flower



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This is a modern formula developed by Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, to treat ear infections in infants and young children. It has proven itself to many practitioners over its years of use.  Given orally, it will usually stop the pain of either middle ear or external ear infections within 2 hours although this formula is meant to treat painful ear infections, it is also very useful for inflamed or bulging eardrums without pain.


  • Painful ear infections
  • Inflamed or bulging eardrums
  • Congested ears
  • Fever (in children prone to ear infections

— ‘Neck Formula if the pain is gone, but the ears are still clogged

DOSAGE: Golden Flower’s Children’s formulas are made as flavored syrups without alcohol extraction. They do not require pre-mixing. For infants, give 1-2 ml/cc. For children aged 1-2, give 2-3 ml/cc. For ages 3-5, give 4-6 ml (1 ml/ cc for each year of age + 1 ml). For children above 5, give 6 ml, or one teaspoon.

Frequency: for acute conditions, administer every 2-3 hours. Administer 3 times per day during the subacute phase.

Note: the best results are obtained in the treatment of external patterns when the formula can be administered during the initial stage of onset. Usually, children cannot accurately report all of their symptoms; it is prudent and convenient to have a formula that parents can keep in the medicine cabinet to address a wide range of symptoms.

CAUTIONS & CONTRAINDICATIONS: This formula is to be taken orally. Do not put it into the ear. This formula is an alternative to antibiotics. [antibiotics often increase the chance of recurrence]. If no change within 24 hours, re-evaluate the condition.

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