About Us

Hello friends, 

I am a licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist with 25+ years of experience in Chinese Medicine. After closing one of my offices, patients were quite distressed at having to find another Acupuncturist, but even more distressed about not being able to get the herbs that have been so highly beneficial to them. As many Acupuncturists nowadays do not want to deal with the cost of carrying an inventory, I felt an overwhelming need to the need to provide another option. 

Unfortunately, the FDA (Food & Drug Association), has made it difficult to advertise due to the fact that Chinese herbs are not approved by the FDA, although, they have a very long documented history of being effective and safe, unlike most pharmaceuticals. [This is why one always see disclaimers as the FDA requires it.] In addition, with pharmaceuticals often being cost prohibitive, Chinese herbs are not only a healthy alternative, but much more affordable. Please note: I am not saying that all Pharmaceuticals are bad, sometimes, in certain cases, they are exactly what you need. In other situations though, there are safer  and less expensive alternatives.

As this is a new website, please feel free to provide feedback or ask any questions you may have been pondering. This website is for you. Check back frequently as we will be adding content, more herb choices, blogs and links. Thank you again for visiting Lotus Herbs. Your Health is our priority.

Dawn M. Trowbridge, LAC, MTCM

Lic. Ac #6195


[Please note: the above claims have not been approved by the FDA and therefore do not receive any FDA endorsements.]