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GUI PI WAN (Ginseng & Longan Combination)

GUI PI WAN (Ginseng & Longan Combination)

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This formula has been traditionally used to build blood and energy. It is a women’s best friend if they bleed too much. Men can use this formula too, especially If they are overworked and feeling rundown. Face & tongue should be pale to confirm that this formula is the right one for them.


  • anemia
  • excess uterine bleeding
  • early menses or bleeding too long (over 7 days)
  • fatigue/exhaustion (from blood loss or being overworked)
  • insomnia (often w/ night sweats)
  • pale lips, tongue, & face
  • pale menstrual blood
  • over-thinking, forgetfulness, racing heart

DOSAGE:  6 pills, 2x day, may increase by 50% for quicker results. This is a tonic formula and can be safely taken for several months if needed.


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