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BAO HE WAN (Red Tangerine Peel & Crataegus Formula)

BAO HE WAN (Red Tangerine Peel & Crataegus Formula)

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This is a classical formula for stagnant digestion (indigestion with bloating and pain).  S/S: fullness /bloating/pain in the abdomen or epigastric region, foul belching w/ acid in the mouth. May also have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

This is one of my favorites as it responds very quickly. Keep it in handy for when you go to banquets & potlucks as one often over-eats at these events.


  • indigestion with bloating
  • overeating
  • food stagnation


XIANG SHA PING WEI WAN is a better choice if you tend to have sluggish digestion. 

XIANG SHA LIU JUN ZI WAN for weak digestion— take this formula between episodes to strengthen the digestion

DOSAGE: 10 pills, 2-3x day or as needed. Mild cases typically resolve with only 2 -3 dosages.


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