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MING MU DI HUANG WAN (Improve Vision Pills)

MING MU DI HUANG WAN (Improve Vision Pills)

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Designed for eye disorders either due to age, allergies, or genetics. As we age, our kidney function wanes affecting not only our kidneys & bladder, but our eyes, hair, hormones, bones, and our energy. This particular formula is modified to focus on the eyes, however, do not be surprised if there are improvements in other areas.


  • Glaucoma
  • Eyes, red, dry, itchy
  • Eyes, sensitive to light
  • Eyes, excessive tearing
  • Weak, blurry vision
  • Hot feet & hands

DOSAGE: This formula is classified as a kidney tonic. Tonics take time to work, so don’t be in a hurry. Many feel a difference within 1-4 weeks, however, for more difficult issues like glaucoma, it may be a year before results are seen on an eye exam. Safe & beneficial to take for many years. 

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