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RESOLVE (AI) (Resolve Inflammation & Swellings)

RESOLVE (AI) (Resolve Inflammation & Swellings)

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This formula is specifically designed to reduce Inflammation and swelling and to soften harness & nodules. An Inflammed Lymphatic system often produces the subcutaneous formation of nodules & hardness. 

In general, nodules and harness are terms that are used to describe many different types of infections and inflammatory disorders, such as sores, abscesses, boils, carbuncles, goiter, lymphedema, mastitis, sinusitis, tonsilitis, infected lesions, dermatological swellings, and many others. Though these conditions have very different etiologies, they are all characterized by inflammation & swelling, and possible infection.

Resolve AI can be used alone or combined with other formulas as needed.


  • sores, boils, infections
  • sinusitis, tonsilitis
  • dermatological swellings 
  • cystic acne
  • mastitis 
  • swellings that are red, often hard, hot, and painful

Dosage: 3-4 capsules, 3x a day. May take up to 6-8 capsules, 3x day with 2 tall glasses of water for more severe inflammation. Once the issues have been resolved, discontinue taking it,  as it is not meant for long-term use.


Cautions & Contra-indications:

  • Not for use with "yin" sores (soft, sunken, not red & no pain)
  • For those with sensitive digestion, start with a smaller dose and take with food.


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